Debit & ATM Cards

All of our business accounts offer corresponding ATM/Debit cards that can be issued to multiple employees, with adjustable limits. You can pick up a card in person, or have your card mailed to your door

If your card is stolen or misplaced, please contact Citizens Bank of Rogersville immediately:


For after-hours service call HotCard Center:


International:  206-389-5200


If you suspect a fraudulent transaction on your acount, please contact Citizens Bank of Rogersville:


For after-hours service, call Fraud Center: 



If you receive a text message, asking for verification of a transaction, please respond as instructed !!
You may call FRAUD CENTER direct:

800-237-8990    Bank #:  96923


**  JHA Card activation & PIN Management (24 hours):  800-290-7893  **
(International:  206-624-7998)