We have been notified of a fraud scheme currently occurring in the mid-section of the U.S.  

Cardholders are receiving phone text messages stating their card has been deactivated.  Cardholders are instructed to call a phone number to confirm their information.  When the cardholder responds they are asked for their card number, expiration date and PIN.  

Cardholders should not respond to these messages. 

If you have made this mistake and disclosed your information you should contact us at 417-753-2836 immediately to have your card closed. If it is after regular business hours please call the After Hours Hot Card number at 800-791-2525.


To All Debit Card Holders:

When any active debit card number has been reported to us to have been "compromised" or potentially fallen in to the wrong people's hands, we will immediately inactivate that card number and order a replacement card with a new number to be sent directly to you. This activity will be accompanied by a significant effort by Bank employees to contact the individual cardholder by phone and it will also be communicated by mail. We understand that this may pose a significant inconvenience to some cardholders but the alternative risks to both the Bank and to the account holder has risen to a level that in order to protect the Bank and our customer these steps are necessary.

We want to remind you that the risk of identity theft is an ongoing burden in society in general and the financial industry in particular and as such everyone needs to be aware of it in our everyday activities.


Please report lost or stolen ATM/DEBIT cards to the bank immediately or after normal business hours please contact Transfund at (800)-791-2525.

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